Wingrid - Responsive Coming Soon Page

Responsive Coming Soon Page

Open js/custom.js

Look for //count down timer around line no 78

Update date with your desired date

date: "12 7 2013 11:59:59" 

// Month, Date, Year.






This file is self explanatory.

Just put the email address, where you want to receive the submitted mails.

$simpleFormMailRecipient = "";


In the index.html file look for:

<!-- Visit us/google map section -->

In the section, edit the value of data-center

<div class="gmap" data-center="Mirpur DOHS, Bangaldesh" data-zoom="16">

You can also update the data-zoom value.


In js/custom.js


                    markers: [
                            position: 'center',
                            info: '<h2>Wingrid</h2>Mirpur, Dhaka<br />Bangladesh',
                            showInfo: true


edit the info value. You can also turn off the marker but putting false for showinfo.

Edit the "lib/mcapi-simple-subscribe-jquery/inc/store-address.php" file:

    Line 24: replace "your_apikey" with an API Key retrieved from here:
    Line 27: replace "my_list_unique_id" with the List Unique Id obtained by
             going to:
             Click the "settings" link for the list - the Unique Id is at the
             bottom of that page.




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