Bluehost VPS Review 2020 – Ratings OF Bluehost Servers by Hosting Experts

When I think of Bluehost, I think of WordPress , a team culture that inspires attentive customer support, and an epic night of Top Golf with the Endurance family. Bluehost has a strong reputation in the shared hosting space, but the versatile host has grown alongside its clients to adapt to every hosting need, from shared servers to virtual servers and beyond.

With Bluehost, you have guaranteed server resources, and the hardware is powered by SSD storage and manufactured by the best. It is a host with which you can easily migrate to a dedicated or cloud-based server once you have overcome the shared server environment, and trust us when we tell you: Less movement between hosts means less headaches for you!

Here, we delve into the scalability and reliability of the Bluehost VPS offering. Speaking of everything, from the server configuration to the operating system and managed services, we will help you determine if this veteran leader in the hosting industry is best suited for your website scaling needs.

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Bluehost VPS Hosting Review: 4.7 / 5.0 Rating

Bluehost is an excellent basic level host in many ways. The company welcomes new website owners to the world of web hosting with open arms and a feature-rich shared server hosting offering. As the needs of your site develop, Bluehost introduces you to the VPS domains or dedicated hosting. It is a complete hosting for every hosting need or website scale.

When reviewing Bluehost virtual server plans, we find the same breadth we have come to expect from this legacy web hosting provider. Start small and add RAM, CPU cores and disk space as it grows. The pricing model is quite comparable to that of other popular hosts, and we appreciate that SSDs come standard and that bandwidth abounds. As an additional advantage, Bluehost VPS plans come with 100% managed support, but later we will talk more about reliability.

Without further ado, check out what our hosting gurus have to say about Bluehost VPS plans:

 Features of Bluehost: 4.9 / 5.0 Rating

Bluehost brings a complete portfolio of features to match competitive prices. As we did a mental deterioration of what we expect from a leading VPS host, the standard prerequisites were present and were taken into account:

    Instant provisioning

    Free Solid State Drives (SSD)

    2-8 GB of RAM

    Powerful CentOS operating system

    Multiple server and file management

    Dynamic and guaranteed resources

    2-4 core choice

    1-2 IPs

    cPanel and Root Access

    Support managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Optional features include SSL certificates, domain privacy, spam protection, SiteLock protection and additional storage. All Bluehost servers are managed internally, and Endurance International Group (EIG) support staff, which acquired Bluehost in 2010, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply call +1 855-503-0450 to get in touch with an expert.

Prices of Bluehost: 4.6 / 5.0 Rating

The price of VPS is possibly the most variable of all types of accommodation. You can find a VPS for as little as $ 5 per instance up to more than $ 100 per server. But think about it: A VPS can be used to host sites with 30,000 monthly visitors or 30 million, so the price disparity is due to the design. VPS hosting is the most flexible in terms of server configurations, resources, performance and cost. And Bluehost is right in the center of the price standard.

Sure, there are hosts that offer a little more server power for your hosting buck, but Bluehost is on par with competitive prices. Free SSDs are a great advantage, and many hosts charge a premium for managed services, so there is another added value. However, you can find a VPS plan that suits your budget and the needs of your website with Bluehost.

Performance Bluehost VPS: 4.7 / 5.0 Rating

With the appropriate name of Next-Gen VPS Hosting, the Bluehost virtual server plans to recover a ton of performance on very small machines. Starting with two cores is quite common, and you can add storage, memory and CPU as needed. Solid state drives provide servers with an additional speed increase.

A key measure that we use to measure performance, and we are not alone, is the uptime. It is exactly what it looks like: the percentage of time that your website (or the server it is hosted on) is online and accessible. If you are running an online business or a transaction website at any address, downtime means lost revenue. The best hosts recognize this with guaranteed uptime. Providers can promise to keep their site or server online X% of the time – typically 99.9% to 99.999% – which gives customers confidence in their services. While each hosting expert will tell you the more nine, the better, 99.9% uptime is quite respectable throughout the industry.

Reliability Bluehost VPS: 4.8 / 5.0 Rating

We would like Bluehost to add nine or two more, but the company’s uptime rates have historically been quite reliable. However, the reliability of a host is more than a measure of network uptime. It’s a part of hardware reliability, another part of human reliability – you know, the people who are there to help when technology inevitably fails.

It is difficult to find a family environment with a housing provider these days. I would say that it is the number one complaint that is made to the hosting industry: The service is robotic or nonexistent. “Why can’t I communicate with anyone by phone?” * Throws the cell phone to the wall *

Bluehost tries by all means to offer its clients expert assistance on demand, and although support has been reduced since the acquisition of EIG, we commend the team for offering managed services in all VPS plans.

How do Bluehost virtual servers compare with those of the competition?

We have repeatedly classified Bluehost among the leading hosting companies for WordPress, cloud servers and shared hosting. The host is loved by beginners and veterans, and you will find the company among our best options for VPS as well.

When we reviewed the most prominent virtual server hosts, we took into account configuration time, uptime, storage, security and support. When you are weighing your options, be sure to keep this article and our main VPS hosting recommendation in your pocket:

 Bluehost VPS plans are hard to beat – and we bring the best deals!

Looking back at that EIG party – in the midst of flying golf balls and free desserts – Bluehost’s team carried their hard work, played the badge hard with pride. It is a team of passionate host fans, and I am always looking forward to hearing whatever they have prepared next.

As for VPS options, Bluehost ships industry standard hardware at fantastic prices. It will cost you to find something cheaper or with a less deep learning curve. Visit our Hosting Offers section for a complete list of exclusive offers for HostingAdvice readers on Bluehost servers. May the virtual force be with you!

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