Bluehost vs DreamHost – Who is the winner? Bluehost or Dreamhost

What is the best way to succeed online? Before creating a great website or blog, you will need a web hosting provider.

However, the selection of a web hosting service is often shrouded in confusion and panic, especially for those less knowledgeable about technology.

With a large number of hosting service providers who claim to be the best in the market today, website owners find it increasingly difficult to select the right hosting solution.

To help you identify the right web hosting service, I compared Bluehost vs Dreamhost. These two suppliers have been in the market for years, and have been known for their quality service; Therefore, you don’t have to worry about running out of business overnight.

In this review, I have compared these two web hosting providers to help website owners answer a crucial question: “Between Bluehost and Dreamhost, what is better for hosting your website?”

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Bluehost and Dreamhost history

Both Bluehost and Dreamhost were established in 1996. This implies that they provide almost the same level of experience in web hosting. However, Bluehost is privately owned by the Endurance International Group, which also owns other hosting companies, including iPage and FastDomain .

Dreamhost, on the other hand, was founded by Harvey Mudd College university students, including Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, Josh Jones and Dallas Bethune. Unlike Bluehost that specializes mainly in web hosting, Dreamhost also offers other services that include cloud computing and storage.

Comparison of the main features of web hosting

To establish which is better between Dreamhost and Bluehost services, here is a complete evaluation of their services such as customer support and performance.

Bluehost vs DreamHost
Bluehost vs DreamHost

Activity time and speed

Both services provide users with high levels of uptime. Although Bluehost offers its customers a 100% uptime guarantee, the actual uptime is 99.9%. This means that you have great visibility when users find it on the web. On the other hand, Dreamhost gives its customers a 100% uptime guarantee but delivers approximately the same level as Bluehost.

When it comes to speed, both services are quite fast. Your fast rendering will be impressive for your website visitors. Keep in mind that DreamHost uses solid state drives (SSDs) to help improve loading speeds.

In activity time and rendering speed, there is no clear winner between Bluehost and Dreamhost, both work similarly


Both hosting services offer great performance for customer websites. This is the main reason why many website owners have developed confidence in them.

To make its service more effective, Bluehost has added innovation known as CPU segregation technology. This allows the service to control the CPU and protect websites hosted from viruses and spammers.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost WordPress (WP)

Both services offer a WP installation capability with just one click. This means that you can easily install WP in your account with a few clicks.

Dreamhost has perfected its WP hosting because they are also part of the team that contributes to the growth of WordPress programming. On the other hand, Bluehost is one of the most entrenched WordPress hosting providers in the industry. Therefore, it is one of the most proven WordPress hosting providers and official WordPress takes them into great consideration.

Despite the popularity of Bluehost WordPress hosting, concerns have been raised about its commitment to the satisfaction of individual users. This is due to the large number of customers who use their hosting plans. Therefore, if you want more personalized WordPress hosting, it may be better to consider Dreamhost.

Customer Support

To know how good a company is, one of the main features to check is customer service. A good hosting provider will give priority to customer satisfaction by ensuring that any problem is identified and resolved promptly. This is the approach that both Dreamhost and Bluehost use to guarantee users optimal satisfaction.

Both companies provide support to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using multiple communication channels, including email and telephone lines. You can also use live chats or access their online forums to discuss any unclear topics about accommodation.

Dreamhost provides users with access to their hosting manual that includes instructions, web hosting guides and troubleshooting tips.

For Bluehost customers, the service allows them to initiate tickets that link them to the support. However, many people prefer to use live telephone lines or chats to get a faster response.

In terms of support, the customer service of the two companies is really good. This means that there is no absolute winner.

Control Panel

The control panel of a web hosting provider is the gateway to access the functions offered through the selected plan. Bluehost uses the cPanel industry standard that is considered highly intuitive. Users find the cPanel impressive because it facilitates navigation through the hosting service.

In fact, even new web developers learn to use the cPanel very quickly. The cPanel is also flexible and allows users to easily manage their hosting accounts, transfer files quickly, install programs and manage backups.

Dreamhost opted for a control panel designed by the owner that requires some time to understand how it works. However, both services facilitate rapid file transfer and add tasks to execute repetitive operations.

In this case, Bluehost is ahead of its rival in the use of the standard cPanel design due to its ease of use.

Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee from the moment the customer purchases the selected plan. Keep in mind that this only applies to hosting plans. You do not receive credits for administration charges, domain names or add-ons used in the service.

It is important to keep in mind that Bluehost does not have fixed account terms. Therefore, if you choose to cancel the plan, the reimbursement will be calculated based on the unused portion of the plan term.

If you want a better money back guarantee, it is preferable to go for Dreamhost. They offer users a 97-day money back guarantee that seems irresistible. Please note that the money back guarantee does not apply to third-party domains and services. In addition, the money refund is only applicable if the payment was made by credit card.

With the money back guarantee, Dreamhost wins due to its extensive reimbursement period. In addition, users can also get a prorated refund if they cancel the plan after 97 days.

Comparison between Bluehost and Dreamhost Hosting and pricing plans

To use Dreamhost or Bluehost services, the first step is to select the preferred plan. Here is a closer look at the features that come with the various plans.

The main features of the hosting plan

  • Domain name

Both Dreamhost and Bluehost plans provide users with free domain names when they subscribe to their services. If you select the Dreamhost shared hosting plan, you will also get free domain privacy protection. This is crucial to protect your website from spam and hide personal content from the public.

  • File Backups

Bluehost provides users with automatic backup services every week without charging additional costs. However, Dreamhost only offers backup services for your WordPress hosting plan. If you select other hosting plans, you will only get a manual backup through the control panel.

  • Website Migration

For customers who already have websites running, Bluehost offers a special offer of $ 99.99 for migrating them. But Dreamhost has no such service. Although some users indicate that the cost of migration in Bluehost is relatively high, it is better due to the ease of changing a website without having to hire expensive web designers or build a new one from scratch.

The Types of Prices and Subscriptions

The cheapest hosting price you can get at Bluehost is $ 2.95 per month in the initial shared hosting plan. This plan comes with a three-year subscription plan. If you opt for Dreamhost services, the cheapest hosting plan is $ 8.95 per month in the shared hosting plan. The plan comes with a two-year subscription option.

Keep in mind that Dreamhost offers regular offers that help customers pay less at the lowest price. For example, the service offers a 40% discount that helps reduce the cost of the cheapest plan from $ 8.95 to $ 5.95 each month.

When the hosting services of the two companies are compared, Dreamhost provides customers with all the advanced features for shared hosting. However, Bluehost only has the advanced features in the premium versions of its plans. Keep in mind that these advanced plans are also more expensive.

Therefore, for people who want to enjoy cheaper hosting services, Bluehost is a better option.

It is important to keep in mind that Bluehost does not offer shared hosting plans for a short period of time. The shortest period you can get is a one-year subscription. However, Dreamhost allows users to access the shared plan monthly.

The Main Hosting Plans

  • Shared Hosting Plans

In Bluehost, there are three shared plans. However, Dreamhost only offers a single option for customers who wish to use the shared plan. Note that whether you select Dreamhost or Bluehost, there is no installation charge.

  • VPS hosting plans

Both Dreamhost and Bluehost offer four VPS hosting plans.

  • Dedicated Hosting Plans

After viewing shared VPS hosting plans, it is time to move on to dedicated hosting plans. Bluehost offers three plans while Dreamhost has two. Take a closer look.

The final take: Who is the winner? Bluehost or Dreamhost

Earlier comparison of the different features offered by Dreamhost and Bluehost, Bluehost seems to have a small advantage over its rival. It is more flexible with its user plans, offers better scalability and impressive migration services. It also provides users with automatic backups.

If you opt for Dreamhost, your service offers greater flexibility in the configuration of dedicated servers, a longer money-back guarantee and domain name protection.

It is important to know that there is no hosting plan that suits all your needs. For example, if your goal is greater flexibility with dedicated servers, it is better to opt for Dreamhost. However, Bluehost would be a better option for users looking for shared hosting.

To choose the ideal hosting service provider, it is advisable to review your hosting needs and your growth prospects. We hope this review of Bluehost vs Dreamhost was useful to help you choose the ideal service for your situation.

Bluehost vs DreamHost review

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