Bluehost vs InMotion – Bluehost is better for new WordPress users

So you have been looking for web hosting services and doing your own research. You have probably realized that the world of web hosting is huge.

If you feel lost, don’t worry I have researched and written this guide to solve the problem of InMotion vs Bluehost once and for all.

This guide will help you if you are interested in the features between InMotion vs Bluehost for WordPress. If it is not you, you will still want to read this guide, since you will continue to be interested in the activity time, speed, hosting functions and prices.

Web hosting is necessary for people like you and me. We are not able to keep up with the latest technology to keep our servers, so we will have to hire people to take care of it.

Activity time: So your customers never see your site sink

Activity time is the main feature for which you are paying each time you pay for a web hosting service. This makes it the most important thing to consider in the InMotion vs. Bluehost conversation. Now, the differences in uptime between hosting services are usually small, but that small difference can mean the loss of customers and visitors.

Bluehost vs InMotion
Bluehost vs InMotion


Bluehost has an uptime of 99.99%. 100% Uptime is not possible with today’s technology, but Bluehost does its best.


InMotion has an uptime of 99.97%. This is an impressive number too, and you can say that InMotion is one of the best in the business.

Winner: Bluehost

While a 0.02% difference may not seem like a big problem, it can be the difference between retaining a customer or not. This gets even bigger when you have a large number of visits to your website. If you are receiving 100 visits in a few minutes, that 0.02% means that those visits are visiting your website when it is down.

Both numbers are very impressive and are better than many other web hosting services. However, if you have the opportunity to choose the best one, why don’t you do it?

Pricing: Cheaper is always better

Most web hosting services compete with their prices. This is something you will have to think about with Bluehost vs InMotion. Since most web hosting services offer similar features, cheaper prices generally correlate with better value for money.

Prices can be difficult to compare. Most web hosting services offer different levels. A more expensive level means more features. The basic level is the cheapest, but it also offers the least amount of features.

You also have to consider if you want a hosting service sharing the web or a hosting service dedicated web . Shared web hosting means that you are using a server with other people. Dedicated web hosting means that you are using a dedicated server for you.

Both InMotion and Bluehost offer both. Dedicated web hosting means more maintenance and more attention since it is all about you but it is more expensive way.


The most basic Bluehost shared plan is $ 2.95 per month. If you buy your most expensive shared plan, it will cost you $ 14.99 per month.

The dedicated Bluehost plan starts at $ 79.99 per month. The most expensive dedicated plan will cost you $ 209.99 per month.

If you have a WordPress site, you will also want to know your agreement with WordPress. Bluehost will charge you between $ 19.99 and $ 49.99 for hosting your WordPress site. This cost will depend on the features you want with your plan.

There are also different additional features that you may want to add that will increase this price. One more thing, Bluehost constantly has different offers throughout the year. If you receive one of these offers, your price could fall significantly.


The most basic InMotion shared plan is $ 5.99 per month. If you buy your most expensive shared plan, it will cost you $ 15.99 per month.

The dedicated InMotion plan starts at $ 99.99 per month. The most expensive dedicated plan will cost you $ 589.99 per month.

Again, if you have a WordPress site, you will also want to know your WordPress agreement. InMotion will charge you between $ 6.99 and $ 142.99 for managed WordPress hosting. This cost will depend on the number of sites you have and the features you need.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost is the clear winner again. Since these costs are monthly, and the dollar accumulates after a while. Bluehost is basically cheaper at any time. This only means that you are getting a better value for every dollar you spend as well.

The only difference is that if you want to know what cost is better in the question InMotion vs Bluehost for WordPress. You can see that the cheapest InMotion plan is a better deal, but it becomes significantly more expensive when you are looking for more features and better WordPress web hosting.

Features: The fruits of Bluehost vs InMotion

The other main competition you want to consider are the characteristics. If your web host has better features, then you are getting better value.

I explained that many web hosting services tend to have the same characteristics, however. This is no different for InMotion vs Bluehost.


Bluehost offers some of the fastest speeds in the business. The backend of your server will be executed by cPanel, which is easy to use and you will get used to it immediately. You can also get unlimited disk space, and your website will never be too big for Bluehost servers.

Remember that many of these features are not available in the basic plan. The basic plan is for you only if you have a small website, or if you are starting your website and planning a small growth.


InMotion uses a solid state drive, more frequently known as SSD, for its servers. This means that your servers are faster and more compatible with search engines like Google. They also have unlimited disk space and use cPanel for the backend of their server.

InMotion will also provide free backups for your website. This way, if your website goes down or you lose it, you can recover it.

Again, many of these features are not available in your basic plan. You should consider it when deciding which plan you want to buy.

Winner: InMotion

Bluehost says its performance and technology are on par with SSDs. There has been no evidence to refute it, but I always trust something that has been guaranteed and recognized internationally.

In addition, InMotion tends to have more free functions. This could explain your most expensive plans. A good example of this are your free backups. Bluehost can also run backup copies for you, but it is an additional feature that you will have to pay extra.

In general, both services offer many of the same features. When it comes to the features of Bluehost vs InMotion, you need to find out which ones will cost you extra money.

WordPress: InMotion vs Bluehost for WordPress

Alright, this is the section you can skip if you don’t use WordPress. However, WordPress has proven time and again that it is the most popular web builder.

If you want to know why and you might be interested in switching to WordPress, check out this video.

Now, I want to take a look at the enigma of Bluehost vs InMotion WordPress. If you use WordPress, this section is probably the most important for you.


Bluehost is recommended by WordPress as the best web hosting service. This implies two things.

First, Bluehost has many features with WordPress that are specific to Bluehost that you cannot find with other web hosting services.

They probably share their programming secrets with each other to have control over how each one works.

The second thing is that Bluehost and WordPress work together. Any new features in WordPress and Bluehost will be the first to know.

Do you notice this exclusivity? Absolutely. Bluehost allows you to unlock the potential of your WordPress website.

Bluehost makes WordPress easy. You will get a one-click installation, customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, specialized in WordPress web hosting, immediate updates when WordPress has its updates and a free personalized email for your WordPress site .

Its speed and uptime for any WordPress site has also been dramatically improved.


It can be a bit difficult for InMotion to compete with Bluehost here, but they aren’t too lazy either! They actually have their own WordPress specific web hosting service too.

InMotion will also provide 24/7 support and will have automatic updates every time WordPress updates its policies. The specific plan allows greater specialization of the company.

Winner: Bluehost

There is no real competition when it comes to the benefits of Bluehost vs InMotion WordPress. InMotion does a great job, but when WordPress has decided to choose a web hosting service to collude with, you choose the web hosting service with which you are colluding.

Conclusion: Your response to the InMotion vs. Bluehost debate

If you are using or plan to use WordPress, which is a great idea, Bluehost is the web hosting service you want to use.

Bluehost continues to win for websites that do not use WordPress, but the difference is much closer. There is more room to choose if you realize there are additional features in Bluehost that you don’t want to pay.

Bluehost vs InMotion

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